Déjà Deck

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the «Déjà Deck»

Ask a question — click the button. It's just that bloody simple. (The card number is generated client-side, so you know it's yours! No DNA testing necessary!)

You will be taken to a page showing the card that will answer your query, and a description of its meaning and divinatory prophesies.

The «Déjà Deck Tarot» is loosely based on the Ryder-Waite deck. The 22 major arcana are the same in name only. And the four suits are:
  • Feathers, ripped from my bird's butt. This suit can be loosely compared with the Wands or Staves of other decks.
  • Musical Notes, which tangent alarmingly with the Pentacles or Coins suit of many other decks.
  • Waterdrops, from the Cups suit.
  • Money, which fairly represented the passion, aggression and the power of the more common Swords suit.
I designed this deck not as fortune telling cards, per se, but as a link to the subconscious — to bring to the forefront of one's mind those bits of information that lay hidden or obfuscated amongst all the confusion of the many elements of a situation. You have a million choices on how to deal with any episode — the Déjà Deck is designed to offer you the most applicable route to take.

The deck consists of eclectic images and montages spanning from the 16th century to the 1990's, depending on how I interpreted the meaning of each card. From the infamous to the obscure. From pop music to Davinci. I wanted to create a deck that could be related to on many varying levels, just like life. All cards will be right side up — there are no reverse meanings.

I handmade this deck in 1991 during a particularly dark period, holed up in the house for 2 weeks, 18 hours a day, researching, cutting, pasting, drawing, weeping, listening to March Violets, etc. The deck has served me well lo these years — until some slimy rat bastard on the San Francisco Muni train pinched the ammo case which was its home when I put it down for a moment. If you have any information on the current whereabouts of this original (and only) deck, or the address of the peasant-scum who lifted it and did not turn it in to the lost and found as he should have done, you will be handsomely rewarded if you email me.

Luckily, I did scan the deck before it was stolen. The originals were quite beautiful. Unluckily, it was my first scanning project when I bought that peripheral many years ago. Novice I (at the time) did not understand things like thresholds, colour balance, dpi or moiré patterns from pre-printed material. Thus the cards you are about to see are a bit rough around the edges, but your queries should be answered nonetheless. Enjoy.