Joseph SUFFERING is HIP: Table of Malcontents


Anna Rockwell
by Kallistí

The fantabulous Art of Anna Rockwell.

by the Marquis Déjà Dû

The Marquis demonstrates just how much more fun "love" can be if one wears a puppet on one's winkle.

Vampire Support Group
A Short Story by Faison LaMoore

"Are you saying, then, that Boy George - not just Boy George but a toy image of him - is a gift from nature herself?"

Bon Appétit
A Short Story by Faison LaMoore

"The audacity of that ... that ... that Gascon!"

Sophie Wright Place
A Play by the Marquis Déjà Dû

"Remember how you were pissed that Melrose Place was canceled for stupid baseball tonight? Do you really NEED Melrose Place? "

The All But Kung-Fu Class
A Short Story by Ben Ohmart

"She'd get out while still putting on make-up because she enjoyed having something to do with every minute of her day."

To Push Away or Clutch
A Poem by Clint Catalyst

"laughing and taking bites from the exceedingly
soggy slice of tragically hip and misunderstood"

An Attempt to be Imperfect
And Other Poems by Ben Ohmart

"but all comics are series
so it was tragic in its way"


Poe Fest 1998
A Literary Salon

Everyday is Poe's Birthday. A competition in Honour of E.A. Poe.

Drinking With Thine Enemies
Melusine de Nuit

"Singing Two Songs An Evening Does Not Upgrade One From Social Minion to Social Maestro, or, One Must Do More Than Merely Exhibit A Flair For The Obvious."

Rants by ShanMonster

"The ShanMonster is only happy when she has something to be pissed off about. Here she is, being deliriously happy."

Classics Digest
Regurgitations by The Marquis Déjà Dû

Wagner for Dummies,
"The Valkyrie."
"And I shall call you Sieglinde. My incestuous sister! And I'm all the more excited by it!"

Classics written by ... YOU!

Remember Mad-Libs? Interactive Mastication of all Our Faves. Fun the whole coven can enjoy!

Chromatic Distonia
by The Marquis Déjà Dû

S.I.H. Music Review

Necro Nerd Awards
thee Phunkee Phresh Prince of Darkness
& the Ugli Duchesse

Accolades, Reviews & Peevish Complaints

Word Whores
by Joseph

The Goth Hanky Code

Predictions by Melusine de Nuit

Horoscopes for this coming Season

The Déjà Deck
The Marquis Déjà Dû

Online Tarot Reading

Other Points Of Interest

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